Chia Pet Introduces Three Spooky Products in Time for Halloween

Chia Pet is kicking off the Halloween season with three new horror-themed products.

The Addams Family Wednesday Chia Pet, Addams Family Thing Chia Pet, and Ghost Face Chia Pet are the latest terracotta offerings for horror aficionados. Each kit comes with one packet of Chia seeds good for three plantings, a convenient plastic dip tray, and planting and care instructions. In just one to two weeks, these Chia Pets will achieve maximum growth and they can be washed and replanted.

Addams Family Wednesday Chia Pet | Source: Chia Pet

From the hallowed halls of Nevermore Academy comes a Chia Pet of most macabre manners: the Wednesday Addams Chia Pet. Picture the delicate tendrils of green life unfurling around the black dahlia all under Wednesday’s vigilant gaze. This Chia Pet transcends the ordinary, embodying the intricate dance between life and decay found in nature.

Addams Family Thing Chia Pet | Source: Chia Pet

The Addams Family Thing Chia Pet comes straight from the twisted world of the hit Netflix series Wednesday. Extend a hand, metaphorically, as you embark on the extraordinary journey of planting Chia seeds, adding water, and witnessing the marvel of Thing’s growth. This curious addition to the Addams Family Chia Pet collection is not just a novelty; it is a conversation starter and a quirky gift choice that will elicit smiles.

Ghost Face Chia Pet | Source: Chia Pet

The Ghost Face Chia Pet is a thrilling blend of horror and amusement that will have fans screaming in delight. The bust of the infamous Ghost Face will see spine-tingling growth in just a couple of short weeks. Just like the Scream franchise, this Chia Pet can be rebooted plenty of times by washing and replanting.

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These new characters join the wide collection of Chia Pet horror products. Chia Pet products are available at, Amazon, Walmart (in-store and online) or in-store at a local Menards, Meijer, or Fred Meyer.


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