Celebrate and Re-Create History with the Disney Chronology Card Game

If you’re looking to put your Disney knowledge to the ultimate test, or if you want to spend some time with your favorite Disney characters and films, the Disney Chronology Card Game can easily help you accomplish both. 

The card game, a special edition of the Chronology game series by Buffalo Games, includes 150 thin, colorful cards featuring fun facts and release dates for Disney characters, films, and events. Topics span Disney’s entire history, from the early 1920s to present day, in celebration of 100 years of Walt Disney Animation Studios. 

The goal? Correctly guess where the given event fits on the timeline of cards in front of you, and make it to 10 in a row before the other player(s). At first, it might feel pretty easy, but as the game progresses and the gaps between release dates become smaller, you’ll need to dive into your personal Disney knowledge vault to defeat the other players. The good news is, you don’t need to know the exact year anything was released, you just need to put the events in the order you think is correct. 

Some cards feature films and dates that might be easy to recognize, such as the release year of Encanto, while other cards detail Disney characters or soundtracks that may have never before graced your VHS collection or Spotify playlists. 

You might be able to guess when Troy Bolton first graced the TV screen on The Disney Channel, but could you guess around what time Mickey Mouse became the first animated character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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Find the right order of events in the Disney Chronology card game. | Source: Buffalo Games

All that’s required to play is a surface where you can line the cards in a row without them falling (and maybe some faith, trust, and pixie dust). The 7.5-inch box is small enough to throw in a tote on the way to a playdate or picnic, but you could also put the cards themselves in a plastic bag to minimize what you carry. Depending on how you choose to play, the game can provide anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours of fun!

While Buffalo Games suggests players be ages 10 and up, younger Disney superfans-in-the-making could easily join the fun. Players 5 and up can enjoy the thrill of guessing when Disney history was made, as long as they understand what year comes after the next. As Hannah Montana says, “if you’re five or 82, this is something you can do.”

The beauty (hold the beast) of the game is that you can modify the playing experience if you so choose. Have each player initially place three cards in their timeline to make the game harder from the start, set a timer on how long you can guess, or extend how many cards must be placed until a winner is declared. If no one is available to play, ask your little Disney fan to put a handful of cards in chronological order without looking at the dates. With a game like this, there are several ways to change how you put your knowledge of the House of Mouse to the test, while remaining true to the original gameplay. 

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If you’re challenging yourself with the cards or hosting a game night with old college friends, the numerous cards can provide hours of entertainment. The game can easily be paired with a juice box or a glass of wine. 

Despite your level of Disney knowledge, this game will be sure to teach you something new about Mickey and his friends. Or, you will rejoice in sweet success when your trips to the theater or parks result in each card placed in the proper order — bless my soul, you’ll be on a roll!


Test your Disney knowledge with Buffalo Game’s Disney Chronology Card Game. Battle your friends and family to see who can be the first to put 10 cards featuring Disney movies, characters, and events in the correct chronological order! With 150 cards that are easy to transport, you’ll interact with your favorite Disney thingamabobs for hours.

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