Barbie’s 2023 Career of the Year Collection Features Sporty Jobs for Sporty Kids

Mattel is on a mission to get kids involved in sports!

Each year, iconic Mattel brand Barbie features its fashion dolls in new careers. Last year’s dolls were all about going green, with a conservation scientist, environmental advocate, renewable energy engineer, and chief sustainability officer ready to inspire kids in their future careers. 2023’s dolls bring the focus to sports, a field where women are historically underrepresented. The new Barbie Career of the Year Women in Sports Dolls show that these jobs are for everyone!

The new dolls feature different sports careers. | Source: Mattel

The four new dolls each have a career in the sports industry. The general manager doll is looking sleek in a pinstripe suit and black loafers. The coach doll is clad in Barbie’s classic pink and comes with a playbook and pink megaphone. The referee doll is ready to make any and all calls with her yellow flag and silver whistle. Finally, the sports reporter is in a purple dress and carries a notebook and microphone.

As a part of the launch of 2023’s dolls, Barbie has partnered with Voice in Sport (VIS) to host a 45-minute virtual mentoring session all about building a career in the sports industry. The session will be hosted by 12-year-old sports journalist Pepper Parsley and will feature Stef Strack, CEO and Founder of VIS, and Dr. Jen Welter, the first woman to coach in the NFL. The session is free to attend and will run this Sep. 12 from 5-6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Kids can register on the official webpage.

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The newest line of dolls is available now at the online Mattel shop. Get the little sports fans in your life something to inspire their future and remind them anyone can follow their dream career!


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