Bandai Namco Reveals Second Wave of ‘TEKKEN’ GameDimensions Figures

Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America’s new line of figures, GameDimensions, released this past June, with TEKKEN characters Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima introducing the collection. Now, the second wave of figures has been revealed, adding two more favorites from the classic fighting game. The newest figures will be launching later this year and early 2024.

Jin Kazama and King are the newest additions to the TEKKEN lineup, each in their TEKKEN 8 outfits. Each figure is designed with articulations that allow kids and collectors to re-create poses found in the game and includes interchangeable hands, battle effect parts inspired by the character, and background accessories. King will also be available as an additional figure exclusive to GameStop that comes with a TEKKEN 8 logo plate and other exclusive accessories.

TEKKEN got its start as a fighting game franchise played frequently in arcades, beginning with the original TEKKEN released in 1994. The video games have remained popular since, and this wave of new figures from GameDimensions follows the much-anticipated announcement of the TEKKEN 8 release date, expected Jan. 26.

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The new figures are available for preorder now on the Amazon and GameStop online stores. Each figure is retailing for $26.99.

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