A Former Member of The Wiggles Is Dropping a New Kids’ Album

Little Wiggles fans are getting a new album from one of the band’s former members!

Sam Moran, who was a member of The Wiggles from 2006-2012 before heading the show Play Along with Sam on Nickelodeon Australia. Moran’s new album, All the Feels, tackles different emotions in every song. The album also features a collaboration with Qai Qai, an animated doll created by Serena Williams’s daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian. 

Sam Moran was a member of The Wiggles until 2012. | Source: Republic Records

“Everything I do must always place the children at the center of the experience, which is why I’m not telling them how to feel or what to feel. I see my job as providing a voice for them, as they see the world,” Moran says. “At this age, new emotions can often feel big and scary, and just as adults use music to process our emotions, children need music that sees the world through their eyes, to help them process theirs.”

There are 10 tracks on the album, each centering a different emotion kids deal with, including joy, love, and kindness, but also jealousy, anger, stress, nervousness, anxiety, and sadness. For example, “Sunny Day” is about the hope of starting a beautiful day and “I Want What You Got” explores difficult feelings of jealousy.

Exploring emotion through music is always a fun experience for kids, but a former Wiggle being the one to guide them through it is extra special!

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